Assignment 101

A wooden desk in DVC, which is close to the ART building.

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  1. This is a really unique perspective to take he photo from. It makes it seem like a long empty highway. I can see that you clarified the image more and maybe added an overlay or luminosity layer.

  2. By cropping the image and brightening it up, you’ve made the paint vivid and turned the middle gap between the board into a line of focus where the eye goes to immediately.

  3. The details you were able to bring out in your enhanced image really adds depth to the whole composition. I also appreciate the colors you were able to enhance as well.

  4. I like how you capture this wooden desk in such an interesting perspective. Using Photoshop helps the details stand out more.

  5. This photo is very clear. I like your filming angle! Also, it is amazing to see your adjustment. The hue is beautiful, and I can feel its vitality.

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