I feel like the color of the origin photo is very balanced, and there isn't a strong focal point to me. Therefore, I adjusted the curves and changed the blending mode to luminosity to increase the color contrast between the waterfall and the rock. And then, I adjusted the levels to show even more stronger on the contrast since level adjustment could pull out more of the black and white. Then, I used channel mixer to bring out more green from the moss which is located mostly on the left hand side of the photo. Lastly, I used dodge and burn to sharpen the whole photo out a bit, so that it won't be too dull. After the enhancements that I made, I feel like the photo is more alive and textural.

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  1. After you increase the contrast, the water flow becomes easier to catch my eyes. The green color of the leaves also pops up and creates a great guide for me to view this photo. Great job!

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