Assigment 102_Sanchez_Advance Photo Editing

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  1. Very cool work I like how you picked up the color of fruit around your eye and the way you integrated it.

  2. This is an interesting edit that I really like, I like how you kept it simple and it is done well in my opinion. I also think you did a good job on matching the color of the eye to the kiwi.

  3. i really like the fact that the shape of the eye is very apealing and blends really well with the kiwi.

  4. i find this very intriguing to look at because the eye fit perfectly within the kiwi. as well as surrounding the eye being the same of color of the kiwi and not just your skin color.

  5. This is very cool. Love how you made the color of your skin match the color of the kiwi. Good job!

  6. This eye ball looks like the one off the back of US currency. Nice job integrating the two images together using the techniques discussed in class. Very well done.

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