Exercise 104- Riley Warren

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  1. I actually like all 6 of your leaves pictures! They all look very fresh under your camera! For the sneaker, I think you can try to increase the saturation so that the colors are more out! I think it would be interesting.

  2. Hello, Riley
    The pictures of shoes on the shelf are nice. I think the photoshop functions such as Levels and Curves are well expressed because the shoes have various colors. Brown cabinet photos are also easy to see your edits due to slightly different textures and colors. They are impressive.

  3. Hello Riley,
    I really like the picture of Nike shoes because each shoes have different kind of shapes and colors. Also, I think it is great idea to snap the display of shops because they are very organized and fashionable.

  4. Hi Riley,
    Nice shoes, I like the CPFM AF1’s and the Bapestas, you have good taste. I think it’s cool seeing how all of the colors of the shoes change because of the different editing styles. I think experimenting more with contrast and saturation would be helpful to see how you can manipulate the colors of the photos. But great job!

  5. Hey Riley,
    I really like your choice to of choosing an image of shoes. In the images the colors of the shoes really pop. Really cool how you can see the level of details in each photo of the shoes colors and textures.

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