EXERCISE 103 – Fahad Sattar

This picture is of The Seating Pod, designed by John Portman in 1974. This photo is a good example of the power of the rule of thirds. The main subject is directly in the lower right third, which draws your eye straight to the subject. The picture also leverages contrast effectively, most of the picture is composed of dark earthy tones while the subject, the pod, adds a much needed splash of color. The use of contrast extends to within the subject itself in how the person sitting on the couch contrasts with the sofa. Lastly, the photo includes effective use of overlapping layers. On the bottom right corner, you can see some out of focus leaves, much closer to the camera. This gives us a sense of depth and level of immersion in the setting.


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  1. I really enjoy the use of layers and depth in this photo. It gives you a good sense of the height of the building and the space between the main pod and the other things in the room. I also like the architecture of this building and the use of round structures.

  2. For me, this photo tells a story. A tall space (using the columns around the seating area to show) with only one old man (the only one living object in the entire photo) sitting inside a pod creates a strong contrast between dead and live, at the same time, a loneliness feeling. However, this photographer highlighted the seat with bright red color to against an overall gray/neutral tone and the man seemed looking at his phone instead of reading a book, both interestingly added a younger spirit in this photo.

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