101 – Fahad Sattar

Here Is the original to my feature set image. I started out by removing some of the dust that was on the lens cap and leveling the picture so that the roof of the apple store was parallel to the bottom of the picture. Then I used the leveling technique to add dome true blacks into the picture. After that, I used the channel mixer to ass more color to the picture because the picture was feeling flat. The last thing I did was to use the dodge tool to brighten up the apple logo to draw your eye to it a little bit more.

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  1. I think the photo you chose for this assignment is cool. The picture looks clean and the white signs in the front of the store stand out. I think it was a really unique idea that you made the actual store parallel with the bottom of the picture.

  2. The photo you chose is excellent and has a great composition to it, especially since actual people are in it to help give it interesting aspects. I really like how you made the roof of the building parallel to the bottom of the picture, as it’s a slight but strong adjustment to the overall angle of the photo. Brightening up the apple logo also makes for a nice focal point and center of the image.

  3. I really like how you included the people in the foreground because it helps define what kind of environment this photo in in. I also liked how you draw attention to the apple logo, I think you did that very well. This would definitely make for a great advertisement.

  4. I realized that you removed the black dot above the roof of the building which is really cool! You saw something that small and clean it even when you don’t need to, a simple yet amazing technique that makes the image much clearer than before!

  5. I love how you centralize the Apple Store and capture the moment of walking people. But in my opinion, the road shoulder at the bottom looks a bit out of tune. I’m guessing if you cut them off the rest of the image may be better.

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