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final image

final image


  1. Channel Mixer with Soft Light filter 60% opacity
  2. Levels adjustment
  3. Vibrance increase +50
  4. Curves adjustment

Comments (5)

  1. What an amazing image! The change in color intensity in your final image really helps to highlight your vocal point, the ripples and reflections in the water, and keeps our eyes from wandering away from the water too fast. The car, street, and sign, become more of a complimenting factor opposed to fighting for all the attention. They beautifully wait to be seen second as the headlights of the car direct us to the next element of the photo to observe.

  2. Wow, I love your editing of the images! The general setup of your photo is amazing and it really creates a good framing for the picture. Also I really like how you were able to manage the foreground and background focus!

  3. I really like your image. The Composition with focus is excellent. Also, your adjustments make the color of sunshine and tree more real. It has a great improvement.

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