Exercise 103- Abigail Liman

What makes this picture so beautiful is the way the angle is set up, telling a story, following the rule of thirds, a play on lighting, and also includes some pattern disruption.

When this picture was taken the angle of the camera was set that way to show how humongous the cliff is, compared to how small the people in this photo are. This photo is telling us, the viewer, that they have come a long way from the bottom of the cliff to where they are now. If it was placed at a different angle, we wouldn't have figured out really how overwhelming this would have been if we really were inside this picture.

The 2 hikers are closer to one side of the photo, following the rule of thirds.

The lighting in this photo is perfectly aligned to the space where the climbers are. Directing more focus on the climbers, making them the subject of this picture

This is a bit of a stretch, but pattern disruption can also be found in this picture. The rock texture of the cliff walls is repeating a pattern and shares the same color. The climbers in this photo break that pattern, not only by being in the picture but also by the red hair and vibrant clothing disrupting the uniform color and texture.

Picture link: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/adventure/article/paid-content-meet-the-photographer-climbing-to-new-heights

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  1. This is a really cool photo. I agree with you that this photo has pattern distribution which is mainly driven by the play on lighting My eye automatically focused on the lighter portion of the photo. I wonder how closer the photographer had to have been in order to capture this shoot.

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