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Going Vintage with Graphic Design: What You Need to Know

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Vintage graphic design is timeless but there are rules to follow. Vintage graphic design refers to style elements from at least 20 years ago and most of the time 50 years ago is more recognizably vintage. Most people think of vintage as stylistic choices that were popular more than 50 years ago. Vintage can mean a lot of things so you need to understand from what era your design is supposed to feel like. Authenticity is important, make sure to use real world examples of your design language and principles to influence your design. There are tools available online to help you get colors right. When creating a design work with vintage style its important to create a cohesive look by considering every element and how they work together. Think about the reason for your work and draw upon inspiration from other works from your chosen era to create a successful vintage design work. Sometimes too many vintage elements can be distracting or unengaging for modern audiences. To offset this try incorporating modern principles such as minimalist design into your vintage design work. Do not mix and match vintage and modern elements without extremely careful consideration. Subtlety is key when mixing modern and vintage design.

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I think this article is a good read not only for its helpful advice on how to incorporate vintage design elements into your work but also because it is incredibly easy to understand even for someone who considers themselves a novice designer. There is very little jargon and there is no need to understand almost anything outside of the subject matter of the article. The article is clear and offers real world examples of resources for help.

Going Vintage with Graphic Design: What You Need to Know

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  1. I enjoy vintage design in the modern day, like many others, as we see it more often now. With its popularity growing, either with the more cold vintage look you have posted or the hippie era style. When I do see products with tis type of design they are almost always sold out or listed as a “most popular” item. I agree that sometimes designs aren’t met when the modern and vintage looks clash, but when it is done right it certainly catches the eye.

  2. I did not realize that a lot of thought goes into those vintage graphic designs in today’s era. The vintage look does appeal to today’s generation so their design principles back then maybe almost considered as timeless.

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