This photo uses the strong diagonal lines of the pavement and parked vehicles to direct the viewer's eyes along the moped's upward path. The image adheres to the rule of threes by placing the moped driver's head in the right third of the frame as the focal point. The blank space left in front of the driver shows viewers where he is moving towards. Lastly, the image makes use of a slow shutter speed, to expose the sensor to light for a longer period of time. This blurs the surroundings as both the moped driver and the cameraman dash past them, giving a great sense of motion and speed.

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  1. I was drawn to this post you shared because the photograph conveyed a great sense of movement and the path the moped is moving on. When I read your synopsis of this photo that is exactly why you seem to have chosen it as well! Using the slow shutter speed was a great strategy in capturing that sense of movement in the image.

  2. I really like the motion in this photo, it is very high energy and seems chaotic, but the moped in focus grounds it, although it still adds to the movement of the photo.

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