Rudy Navarro ARCHI 135 Exercise 103

The picture I have chosen is from an article from the online magazine The Atlantic and it is based on the 2017 National Geographic photo of the year award. I enjoyed this picture taken by Marek Biegalski, simply because I am fascinated by how these photographers find these remote locations and are able to capture such breathtaking photos. This specific photo uses framing as you can see the first glacier is framing the shot for the iceberg in the back. even though framing shots are more focused on the item that the frame is setting up for, I believe in the picture the frame is also a big part of the photograph as well. This photograph is truly breathtaking and I only hope that one day I get the chance to visit.

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  1. Hi Rudy, this is such a cool picture! The frame within a frame technique makes it so special, almost as if you’re entering into the setting yourself. The contrast between the cool-toned colors of the glaciers and the warm-toned sky just makes the center pop out more, too. The light entering through that opening adds to the effect of centering too.

  2. I find it peaceful and the water is reflected on the ice which makes the ice appear to have different shades of blue.

  3. Hello, you posted an impressive picture. I found this type of pictures so interesting since to me, it makes yo feel as if you were there admiring the horizon. I think this could be consider as using the radial technique. Thank you for sharing.

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