A coronel_assignment one

With channel mixer at red: 91, blue: 9, and green: 0, I was able to amplify the contrast of the red orange sunset and the blue ski.  Furthermore, with the contrast layer at brightness: -31 and contrast: 60 the contrast of ski and sunset was amplified ever more.  On the curves layer I was able to create the “S” curve in a way that would not distort the contrast created previously.  On the levels, I went with the advice of pure whites and pure blacks, which added to the overall product.

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  1. Love the blue sky as well as the sunset coming over the horizon. I also like that you darkened all over the lower part of the picture which gives it a stronger contrast. Nicely done.

  2. I agree about the darkening of the lower third, It really brings out the colors of the sky. The sky also blends really well, and the colors are great.

  3. Very nice colors in the setting sun. With your editing, you’ve completely changed the time and place of this picture. Nice composition too. I think it would be interesting to mess with masking in order to highlight the ground level more.

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