a101 – Nik Chase

  1. Dodge And Burn - darken the sky while lightening the grass. The majority of the changes in the photo is due to this
  2. Use Channel Mixer to make colors pop more, especially the greens
  3. Use a classic S curve to enhance the colors in the photo.
  4. I changed the saturation and vibrance to once again bring the greens out

Comments (10)

  1. Centering the sun and then using the tools to light the clouds gives focus to the top half of the picture. Layers are most obvious with the light and shadow on each half. I believe with a little more experimentation, you could have lit the valley as well.

  2. The picture is most definitely improved with the changes you’ve made. The sun looks natural and is showing its beautiful warm colors. Well done. The valley dips in the right third quadrant giving a good rule of thirds.

  3. Through the editing and effects, you made the photo more powerful and interesting. The way you made the hills more green and detailed and how you edited the sky, making it’s colors and the sun pop out created a more in depth and powerful photo. Adding on, much more detail in the photo is visible and I liked how you darkened certain parts of the photo and lightened others.

  4. I like how you uses the colour channel to tune the colours into bright orange. It has much depth and interesting gradient of colours.

  5. I really like your selection of the image. You did a great job adjusting colors. Good example how to improve a dull picture into a great one. Sunshine makes everything more dramatic. Great job.

  6. Great editing of color! It is excellent to use Dodge And Burn to lighten the grass and darken the sky. So it become more clear and powerful to see the shadow behind the clouds.

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