This is a great image, I like it very much. It took the good lights and composition. The main topic of this picture is the tree, so he put it the left position and the middle of the tree is the one-third of the picture. The focus on the main topic make the tree looks better and make us notice the grass. The shutter speed is a little bit long and make the image seems telling a story.

Website link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/alentours_ailleurs/5866516990

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  1. The rule of thirds draws the eye immediately to this massive tree, and coupled with effective use of depth of field makes it all the more alluring. I also love how the colors seem to repeat from deep green to almost white then back to green and then again to white.

  2. This is an very simple yet eye catching picture to look at. This picture strongly follows the rule of third with the main focus of the tree being placed in the top left of the image. By placing the tree where it is, it takes away less of the background and focuses more on the foreground of the picture along with the tree.

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