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The world of design - be it architectural or graphic - is hampered by the ability of designers to express the purity of their ideas in a format others can visualize.  All too often, these ideas become fragmented, fractured, or otherwise mangled in the translation from the brain to the printed page.  In the past, designers relied on the fluidity of their pens - their ability to draw, paint or model in the physical world - to express their ideas.  With the addition of computer technology, we, as designers, have yet another tool to help us express our ideas.

I must, however, be perfectly clear that all the computers and technology in the world can not overshadow fundamental design skills that must be learned in an analog nature.  Computers and advancing digital technology are merely a supplement to an arsenal that we all, as designers, must develop.

While this class is for architects, I use the term designers instead as I find it to be a better indicator of the importance of everything we create.  Each drawing you produce, each computer model you build, even each paper you hand in for your english class must have design within it.  By electing to study this field, you are electing to become a designer: a title which does not come lightly.  You must think about everything you produce as it is a reflection of yourself, your energy, your emotion, your ideas.

With the word designer in mind, I offer this course as an introduction to the digital tools that will help you showcase your ideas - your designs.  While it is quite impossible to cover every software program, every piece of hardware, and everything digital in between, this class attempts to expose the highlights of digital design.  It is a working class, one that requires participation, one that demands a hands-on, down-and-dirty approach to the subject material.  You must do in order to understand the why.

With that, we begin…

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  1. This is absolutely great! thank you for sharing the wealth of information and resources available here!

  2. Unfortunately my class is not online so you can’t register and get credits for it without being physically able to attend class. You are, however, welcome to follow along with my youtube lectures as the semester progresses. I have sent you an email, so please check your inbox.

  3. Hi Grant,

    You have some excellent resources I would love to have access too. Judging from this comment section it seems you allow non-students to access your resources.

    I would really like to have access to exercise 222 on lighting so that I can download your night environment with the ceiling and wall. How would I go about getting access to this?

    Kind regards,


  4. Hello Mr. Adams.
    I am a Rhino user and teacher of teachers – OregonFabLab.org
    Thanks for sharing on YouTube.

  5. Hi Mr. Grant Adam, I have registered with your web. but I haven’t received any password. Please kindly advise

  6. Hello Mr Adams,
    great job and good explaination
    i will to attend you lecture via youtube, can i get access to material if i register and pay.
    Kind regards from germany

  7. Hi Grant,
    Do I get any kind of certificate after finishing the course and projects as a guest student outside US?

  8. No, unfortunately, I have no way to give you credit or a certificate for the course unless you take it at DVC. I would love to offer an online version, but that has yet to be approved by the College. Best of luck!

  9. Hey Grant,
    I bought a 6 month membership a couple of days ago and everything has been working just fine until today. I’m logged in but it says I need to log into an account with membership to download resources, even though I should be good on that for a few more months. Is there anything that could be done to resolve this? Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  10. Hey Grant Thank you for a great site! I’ve gotten an issue with some of the images being broken on the “tutorials” tab under “V-Ray”. The text is showing fine, but the images are not showing up.
    / Liv

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