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Comments (221)

  1. Hello Mr. Adams,

    I’m an Architecture student, preparing for what we call here in Spain my Final Degree Project, which is due in June. I recently took a course on different 3d softwares (rhino, sketchup, v-ray, 3D studio max), and searching for some tutorials in Youtube, I found your wonderful channel, for which I’m very grateful. Thanks for taking the time to not only record your classes, but also for sharing them with everybody, not just your students.

    My skills on architecture visualization need some serious improvement. I wish there were some class like yours at some point during our school years. We are supposed to learn this stuff on our own, and sometimes times it’s hard to find the time to do the regular classes and in addition, learn the so much needed software. I would be really grateful if I could get an invitation code from you to join this awesome community. I’m already a big fan.

    Thanks so much.

  2. Dear Grant Adams,

    I watched some of your tutorials in youtube and ended up visit your site. For as far I am concerned there’s only one big site for the rhino community and I am impresed by the work you did.
    As an architect I admire your work and your contribution to our community . I would love to be part of this and participate in any way.

    Thanks in advance

  3. Dear Adam,

    I just finished my studies in august (Barcelona and Gent) but to complete my portfolio I try to learn more about V-ray to have a better portfolio. I saw some tutorials of you and I think you are great.
    I would like to ask if I could access the database for improving my portfolio?

    Thanks and greats


  4. Hello Mr.Adam,

    I’m a interior student from Ryerson University. I saw your tutorials on YouTube about rhino v-ray, which helps me a lot in my project. I would like to join your community to improve my project.
    Thank you 🙂

  5. Hey,
    I’m an architecture student in Sydney Australia and I think your website is fantastic. Only issue is that I just payed for an invitation code and then when I put it into the registration form it says that it is invalid. Could you help me out please.

  6. Hello Mr. Adams,

    Thank you so much for sharing your classes.
    I’m brazilian and I have graduated recently. I used to model with Skecthup but I think it´s not good enough.
    So I’m learning Rhino from your tutorials in order to improve my portfolio. I’m already a big fan.
    I would like to get an invitation code from you to join the community.

  7. Hello Grant Adams
    First of all thank you so much for your helpful and comprehensive guides on youtube.
    I am a second year architecture student from Denmark. I am looking to further improve my visualization skills in v-ray for rhino. Is it possible for you to share an invitation to this website?
    Kind regards, Ejnar Mortensen

  8. I am an interior design student at Ryerson University and this is an amazing website. I would love to become a member as I use rhino and v-ray consistently and you have amazing vismats and materials in your database

  9. Dear Mr Grant Adams,

    I would like to start off by saying thank you! Your tutorials are very concise and comprehensive, and you are also really easy to listen to. I am currently in my final year at University of the West of England, I must admit I have found your channel quite late (better late than never right).

    I would love to become a part of this amazing community and continue to improve my portfolio with your help.
    Would it be possible to receive an invitation?

    Kind regards,

    Subarna Gurung

  10. hello sir ,i am an b.arch 8th sem student from india ,i have learnt these softwares(revit ,sketchup ,3dsmax,photoshop)and i had tried learning rhino from other channels of youtube,but to be honest the videos were completely random ,off lately i came across your video and started watching your tutorials, i’m into it and everything you teach has an order and arrangement where students can understand easily ,i wish our teachers we so advanced in teaching softwares .
    -thanks a lot for spreading the knowledege sir
    it will be really thankful and it will be of great help if you can help me out with getting invitation code.

  11. Hello Mr. Grant Adam! I am an interior design student in Thailand. I have been following some of your VDOs on Youtube and would like to gain more knowledge from your experience and knowledge to advance my Rhino and Vray ability (also other ones). Would you be kind enough to allow me becoming one of your member. I thope this message gets to you.

  12. Hello,
    i have made a transaction for the registration and expecting a invitation code via email to register.
    Please inform me as soon as possible for i need to use the site immediately!
    Thank you
    Maria Karamouzi

  13. Hi Grant,

    I am a second year architecture student at Birmingham City University and was wondering if I could get access to v-ray as I’m currently using enscape but like your tutorials and want to try

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