April Datu – Assignment 101

I used this image for this assignment because of the details (texture and color). I used dodging and burning to darken the shadow, which also hid and lighten some of the detail in the background and foreground. I enhanced the color by adjusting the RGB. I used mixed channel to turn it into black&white and used level and curved to add and balance contrast.

Comments (9)

  1. I love the detail of your photo. Aside from it just being a macro image, the quality you were able to get from this photo is amazing. I have to disagree with the first comment. For whatever reason I really like the black & white. Nice job

  2. This is an amazing photo. I can almost feel the soft texture. I agree that the color photo has much more depth and is actually more interesting:) Great job.

  3. i love the details that you got when you turned the picture into black & white. the picture itself is so beautiful

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