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Little Island in NYC redefines the idea of what a park is. When Thomas Heatherwicks was asked to contemplate designing a park on the Hutson river, he threw away his original idea of a typical, flat, fancy-shaped, and wavy park. And created something much more 3D and unique. Heatherwich created something that would surround visitors with park scape and remove them from the city. "As Heatherwick sees it," “You get a more dynamic relationship between pier and edge.” With a 687 seat auditorium, a smaller 200 seat stage, more than 400 species of trees and plants in order to create a lush landscape environment, and when you look at the aerial photos, I'd say he managed to do just that.

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  1. I think this is absolutely stunning. It’s such a creative idea and works so well. It’s a little get away from the city into a suburban like park on a pier, without actually leaving the city (and I know city residents will greatly appreciate this, because a majority of people that live in cities hate going to the suburbs). I think the various and abundant choices of greenery and change of levels create a beautiful contrast to the location. Thomas Heatherwicks did that for sure

  2. The risk of going for this interesting design instead of a typical rectangular park truly paid off in this instance. For someone that will visit the park, they will leave with a memory and a experience because of how unique of a location it is and not with a memory that will easily fade.

  3. This park definitely looks unique. This park must make people feel like they are on an island surrounded by the sea, away from the city center, and, amazingly, he has created a park that feels like this.

  4. Definitely an interesting little island, I like it. I enjoy the fact that it has dimensionality, resembling Earth’s natural landscape, and how it is on the water in an enormous city.

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