ARCHI135-Beau Darwood-Exercise 105

A135A_Photo_curves_Leather A135A_Photo_Histogram_Leather A135A_Photo_Levels_Leather A135A_Photo_Original_Leather A135A_Photo_ChanMix_Leather A135A_Photo_Dodgeburn_Leather A135A_Photo_ChanMix_Frog A135A_Photo_Curves_Frogs A135A_Photo_Dodgeburn_Frogs A135A_Photo_Histogram_Frogs A135A_Photo_Original_Frogs A135A_Photo_BW_Frogs A135A_Photo_Dodgeburn_Lamp A135A_Photo_Levels_Lamp A135A_Photo_Original_Lamp A135A_Photo_BW_Lamp A135A_Photo_ChanMix A135A_Photo_Curves_Lamp

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  1. There are definitely some very interesting perspectives here. I like that you are focusing greatly on small detail and playing around with that. I think the best edit you did is the last one of the lightbulb.

  2. I love your first photos. I don’t know what it is exactly, but it has really artistic curves and angles. In addition, the color transitions make your work more vivid and realistic.

  3. I like your photos, especially first group of photo. this group of photos show texture perfectly. and also, dodge and burn tool are used very well on photos.

  4. You got some really nice pictures, it has lot of details and the angle of the picture is also interesting. I can really see the differences between each pictures.

  5. very nice angle and texture for the floor and I like the symmetry of the statues. Also, the lower angle of the light is very interesting.

  6. Great choice of pictures, but the lamp photograph has a special mysterious tone to which I found interesting, because of the angle and lighting which it has.

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