Architects Designing for Themselves (Exercise 101 – Wyatt York)

This is an interesting article the creative potential of design when not constrained. In this reading, architects designed homes for themselves instead of clients. This allowed them to express their full creativity without any kind of restriction. In this way, these designs are complete reflections of the architects' abilities, styles, and creativity. This establishes a very beneficial practice for new designers to explore themselves through unconstrained design. This idea also emphasizes the practice of keeping design fresh, interesting, and insightful for the designer as well.

Link to Article: Bringing Work Home: 9 Times Architects Designed for Themselves

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  1. I enjoy this subject matter, it would be cool to read a full book exploring architects’ designs for themselves.

  2. This building looks great. It got a lot of sun light and view. If I live there, I will be full of energy everyday.

  3. I also agree with the statement that all designers shouldn’t have any restriction within their design. I think this is the best way for a designer to find their personality and characteristic, and apply them into their own design.

  4. I agree with this kind of article because an architect do not really able to express their ideas when they design it for others. Besides, they tend to find their customer style than expressing their style.

  5. In general, this is a child’s dream to live in a tree house, but as a grownup.
    It’s a great idea to have the means and ability to make that particular dream come true.

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