assignment 1

-preset chanel mixer

-changed the level on the picture

-added two points on the curves graph

i did all my changes in photoshop i first changed the levels on my picture it was lacking "true black" so i made changes to that by adjusting the levels. next i worked on the curves i havent mastered the technique but i made a thin "S" shape curve. next i worked with the channel mixer, i used the  "188, - 9,  -9" preset given to us in class.  i then uploaded my pictures to walgreens photo center and printed  8x10 pictures

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  1. Looks great, I like how you have removed that whiteness from the original picture. The new picture looks more colorful. The focus is good too, I don’t think you need to add anything.

  2. I like how you made those leaves really stand out; especially the front one which still has the pure white on its tip to add a really nice contrast. I also like how you were able to darken up all the vegetation in the background whithout losing any texture. Super duper job!

  3. I like your picture, you did a good job making your colors strong and vivid. The bottom part is brighter than the other part, this creates a nice contrast between colors. May be if you add more color to the bottom part to get rid of the white parts, you would end up with a full colorful and vivid picture. This would be nice.

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