Assignment 1 – Angela Kang


Final work



First step for a great photo was to find a great view. I took this photo for Exercise 1.1 while I was on a family trip down Highway 1. After approximating the one third rule of taking a great photo, I made sure that the lighthouse lined up as one third vertically and horizontally (bottom line of the lighthouse hill), utilizing the crop tool on Photoshop. After using the crop tool, I used the Channel Mixer to enhance the hue in the photo. This step enhanced the blue in the water and the sky, red on the roof of the buildings, and green for the grass. After the Channel Mixer, I used the levels layer to enhance the true black and true white. This step enhanced the darkness of the rocks and whites in the wave and clouds. I decided to not use the curves because of personal preference. I felt that I do not have enough control of curves to enhance the photo. Instead, I was making the image almost unrealistic and I did not enjoy that. Last step I decided to use to enhance this photo was to use the 50% neutral gray layer to dodge and burn. With this last step, I enhanced the details by darkening the darker and lightening the lighter of each characteristics. For example, I enhanced details on the rocks closest to me by darkening the sides and lightening the tops where the sunlight was hitting. I also enhanced the details of the clouds by lightening the clouds and darkening the blue sky. Lastly, I enhanced the artistic aspect of the photograph by adding the grungy paper layer. I used a multiply option for the grungy paper layer and changed the opacity to 85. I also added a brightness layer to brighten up the photograph because the multiply layer made the photograph too dark. The final photograph is much more artistic, vibrant, better positioned and pleasing to my eyes than the original.

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  1. I love this place!! Nice enhancements, they make a huge difference. I would have to agree with the grunge though, just a little less strong would be good.

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