Assignment 1 – Chun Kit Lau

After I took the picture, the first thought come up is the picture looks too dry and plain. I want to enhance my picture by adding more textures and layers into it. I adjust the level to a more brighter color. It makes the red wood stripes look more sharp and bright, and it also delivers difference color tones to the viewers. I use dogging and burning to separate the picture into two parts (left-bright and right-dark). However, the image is still kind of flat, channel mixer and saturation are applied to the image also to make it to have a better contrast and layers. In order to keep the picture balance, I reduce the brightness and contrast to make it not too bright as whole.

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  1. Pretty nice work, i think if you would add the texture effect in to your photo then that would improve your work more keep it up plz 🙂

  2. I like the composition of the photo, and I like how you adjust the color of the photo. However, the sky is too bright, it catches people attention and make the buildings eclipsed.

  3. So simple…yet so alluring! Your editing really hits it home. The contrast between the brights and darks works so well.

  4. I like the scene you shot. The adjustment changed the picture into a more colorful image. Just the roof is a little bit not clear compare to the white sky. Maybe you can adjust that part as well to show the edge of the roof.

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