Assignment 1- Emily Grace

Shacks, After Editing

First, I straightened and cropped the original in order to exclude the parts of the picture that detracted from the image as a whole. Next, I played around with the channel mixer and decided that the photo looked best in black and white. I used the dodge tool to bring out the wood siding and other particularly rustic parts of the shacks. Changing the curves brought out some of the darker areas so their details were distinguishable. Also by adjusting curves, I was able to make the lightest areas less glaring.

Comments (2)

  1. I think you’re absolutely right that the buildings look best in the black and white and I think you did a good job of enhancing the rusticity of it with the dodge tool. I’d be curious to see how it might turn out if you left the turquoise overhang in the background (center) in color and maybe even bumping up the color. I used Picnik’s Boost and their Focal B&W for a similar effect and think your image lends itself to that as well.

  2. Very nice choice with the black and white. It really portrays the picture as it should be, which is two uninhabited, broken shacks. I really love the texture of the wood. In such a simple picture, but there is just so much going on that my eyes do not know where to really focus (that’s a good thing). Terrific job!
    p.s. now that we have learned masking, i would like to see what you can really do with this picture.

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