Assignment 1-Hari Deevi

This image is of a wall made out of reclaimed skateboards. Each one of the tiles that make up the wall is a piece of a skateboard. Together the wall has a selection of many colors that provide a cool effect on the whole of the wall.To enhance this image, I did a levels adjustment to even out the color tones from the original image. Then I did a curves adjustment to further enhance the color distribution. Lastly, I used a Pop filter to bring certain colors since there is such a wide range of colors in this image. Through my editing process, I felt it was most important to focus on saturation and color pigmentation since that is what makes this wall so important and interesting. The eclectic collection of designs and color is captured through the editing that targeted color specifically.

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  1. I like the angle how to shot this photograph and how you try to catch the little details on the wall. The colors and patterns on the wall are very interesting and mesmerizing. I like how to edit it and make the color more vibrant than the original.

  2. I like the depth in this image. I also like how you kept the edits to a minimum, since this is already an attractive original photo. Intensifying the colors really appeals to my eye dragging from the red shirt and the colors on the skateboard. Great job.

  3. The contrast in this picture is well done thorough the variety of tones. Due to the bright colors and the angle, the photo has a more clear purpose and it guides the eye of the viewer.

  4. what makes this photo awesome is the way you apply saturation to brighten up the color, it’s make the photo becomes interesting and colorful.Also the way you create depth in the photo is fantastic

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