Assignment 1 Helena

From Chanel Mixer: I. Black and White - monochrome, Red 40, Green 20, blue 20,

II. Corrections - Red: Red 90, Green 10, Blue 10;   Green: Red0, Green 100, Blue 0;    Blue: Red 0, Green0, Blue 100

Curves: Slight curve adjustment was performed.

Levels: The White in levels was reduced from 255 to 242 because  there was no value behind this point.

Hue ans Saturation:  I left Hue the same but Saturation I have changed from 0 to 62, which had the most satisfying  result in the New Image.

Thr photograph started to look more like painting then photograph.

Comments (5)

  1. YES!! I love the color of the back of the bookstore! I was trying to get mine to pop out like that, but I couldn’t. That’s just so cool. 🙂 All I would suggest is that you get rid of the streak in the sky by seaming it together, or using the clone stamp tool.

  2. Great job, I really like your picture because it is very colorful. I like the work you did with the two buildings making their colors more vivid. I am agree with Sam that you should get rid of the little streak in the sky.

  3. I really like the way you have enhanced your image. It’s so colorful and looks totally different from the original picture.

  4. I like how you bring out the color to those buildings, that in reality are very dull. You also manage to do it to the vegetation which complements the rest of the picture. Well done.

  5. It looks almost surrealist. The colors really do pop. I wonder what the photo would be like if you kept all these modifications the same, just put a black and white layer over it.

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