Assignment 1 – Nicholas Mobley

This photo was my favorite photo because of the shot's fade into the background, there is a hierarchy of distance from the leaves in the crevice and the post from the trellis to the Classroom by the cafeteria and HRM Building and finally to the background or the pathway which leads to the bookstore.

My edits on the photo included the following:

1. Levels Adjustment: I mainly selected the levels adjustment to darken the picture to emphasize texture and shadows from the leaves on the concrete. This also allowed me to show the shadow that was being cast by the trees around the cafeteria.


2. Channel Mix - I used this to bring in more contrast for my main focus in the photo, which was the leaves in the crevice in contrast to the dark Concrete. I had to increase the red value while decreasing blue and red to make the yellow leaves more of a natural amber.
Red: 160
Green: -30
Blue: -30

3: Curves Adjustment

I adjusted the curves to increase contrast on the texture of the concrete, I adjusted curves towards the darker side. The values are set at:

4. Dodge and Burn I mainly used a burn around the shadows of the leaves. The leaves themselves cast a small shadow, so in the sake of emphasizing the shadow, I used a smaller burn radius to increase the depth of the black underneath each leaf.

Comments (1)

  1. You were able to bring out the color in this image very successfully. The original was very dull and washed out, but nice adjustments to create color and greater variation in darks and lights. My eye is drawn to the light in the background and I’m not sure if that was your intention or not, but I feel like my eye should be attracted to the details in the leaves, but instead the fall to the top of the image. Maybe try toning the brightness of the background down just a tad and see what it does.

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