Assignment 101

This close-up photo was taken around 4 PM. The main object was a piece of wood craft, which was placed on a wooden hand rail. The rule of thirds is applied to the position of subject matter. The rail is pointed to the greenery and blue sky in the background, which contrast nicely with the fading wood texture in the foreground. The smearing background due to the close-up effect helps the viewer focus on the wood piece. 

The original picture (on the left) shows a full color spectrum in the Photoshop histogram. The only enhancement (on the right) I needed to make was the curves adjustments, a very simply S-curve modification, so that the components of the wood craft have better contrast, which make the object really stand out from its background.

By Ming Ho

I was trained as a physicist with a PhD degree. I retired a year and a half ago and have been taking DVC classes for fun. The first semester I toke a few cooking classes, the second a few construction and the third a few architecture classes. I feel I like architecture and also I want to remodel my house so this semester I keep taking more architecture classes.

Comments (5)

  1. I really like how you place the wood craft at the one thirds of the whole picture. And the blur background makes people put more focus into the object.

  2. The subject and its shadow are really impressive! The depth of field is well represented and the color spectrum was well edited with balance. 10/10!

  3. This image of a close up look really great, i like how the log is illuminated by the sun light making it as the center of attention. This log also follow the rule of third which make it look more dramatic.

  4. The use of rule of thirds is clearly shown in this photo. The depth of field makes the photo look more professional. The enhancements on the edited photo definitely make the woodcraft pop more. Good work!

  5. I like the positioning of the main object! I guess rule of third was applied. Also, focus on the main object, blurring the backgrounds make the picture even more wonderful

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