Sugan Manohar Assignment 101

I did Five photoshop adjustments. I did the curve and level to tweak the brightness and black and white spectrum slightly. Then I used the Channel Mixer and created a Pop effect with the Red at 116 to make the Red Line pop out more. Then I used Vibrance to increase the blue and green colors in the picture. Finally, I used the Dodge tool to darken the field, lightened the white line to make it pop as well as the sky to make it seem like its bright outside. And used the Burn tool to darken the chairs and the fence to create that dark box in the forefront. As well as used the tool to darken the background mountains to make it stand out more.

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  1. I think it’s a great job. With the help of different adjustment layers and color adjusting, you managed to achieve an interesting effect on the photo. Your photo looks like unreal. It’s looks more like an image that was created using computer graphics. A row of chairs that you darkened, and the shadows from them look like computer models. Very interesting job!

  2. The fact that you got the very far background to come out more into the picture ties everything in beautifully. It gives a larger sense of balance with every little detail from the hills to the grass on the foreground. You brought out the vibrancy out onto the image. Not to mention those exaggerated shadows add to it, all simple, but well put together.

  3. This pictures has great composition and the use of the lines created depth. The colors really pop after post-processing which completes the picture. Everything in the picture was done correctly from the colors to the shadows to the composition. Great job!

  4. This picture is really good, you did a great job taking this picture at a great angle. The blue and red lines on the ground really pop out and they serve as guidelines for the viewer. The picture you took was good but when you fixed it the colors really popped out more and it gave it a better view.

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