Assignment 101

From the photos I captured, I think this one spoke to me the best. Looking at nature reminds me that though everything in life has gotten so quick and demanding, there is time to stand still.

For this photo, I adjusted the middle arrow in the levels graph to add a little light to the original picture. Then I adjusted the hues and saturation to adjust the colors. I used high hues to lighten the sunlit parts of the photo, and a medium saturation to add a little tint of red. I did not change the lightness because the levels have already done that for me. Finally, I used the channel mixer to slightly adjust red, green, and blue. It may not seem to differ from what has already been done, but it was to balance the red adjustments. The focus of the picture was not what I would have liked; it may be because it was freezing cold.

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  1. I like the composition of the photo. The diagonal of the river lead us to see the picture from the lower left to the upper right corner. Except, the picture looks a bit dim.

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