Assignment 101

At first, I edited the picture by using all skills which I learn in class. Then, I chose some edits which make it stand out the lights. In this picture, Multiply and Overlay have been used in order to emphasize the all lights. And also, I used three colors, red, green, blue of "pop" to make the sky light be more dynamic.

Comments (4)

  1. I like how you edit the picture. Sky parts became vivid, and the building parts looks darker than the original picture. As a result, you could make the picture more attractive.

  2. The edit in this photo is awesome. I like how you highlighted the lights and made them pop while still keeping the sunset as the main focal point. Well done.

  3. Excellent photo your editing skills are superb. You did an awesome job at darkening the photo, it looks so realistic

  4. Darkening the building part of the photo makes the architecture stand out better and makes the lights on and around the building shine brighter, creating a nice contrast to the darker parts. Using the channel mixer for the sky really improves the sunset colors. Great Job!

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