Assignment 101


Enhanced image:

New layer —- Channel Mixer, adjusted the constant to make the image slightly warmer.

Adjustment levels – LEVELS —— changed the sliders slightly to make the darker area in the background a little darker, to contrast with the dog.

Adjustment layer —  exposure. Adjusted the “exposure” slider and the “gamma correction” slider just slightly to try to balance them out. After I was done it was unclear whether it made an appreciable difference from the adjustment level I had done previously.

Tried to add an adjustment layer curves but after playing around with the traditional S curve for a while I scrapped it because I thought it looked better without.

Now the real magic happened with my favorite tools: the dodge and burn tools. This is how I really got the image to POP!

By Juan-Carlos

Architecture Student

Comments (4)

  1. I’m sorry I missed this previously; it is a great image. The detail really does pop and the focus is just right.

  2. Such a precious picture. Great capture of capturing of your pets mood. Love the levels used on this picture aswell.

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