Assignment 101

I changed the curves to a "S curve" it wasn't too much of a change but it gave the leaves more color. I also changed the levels to because the picture itself was really bright so I ended up making the picture more darker and gave it more shadows. I was thinking on using the dodge and burn however I didn't want to make the shadows look unrealistic. I don't think I needed "Pop" so I also skipped that.

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  1. I like the depth of the contrast between the blurred out leaves and the ones more in focus. The original photo has a flat look to it. I tend to like to use the curves adjustment in my photos as well as it may be a minor adjustment but it brightens up the picture. It also brings out the brownish/red in the rocks and stems in the background.

  2. Hi Santos! You did a good job in editing this image. I agree that pop adjustment would be unnecessary as you already have a blurred background that makes some of the leaves pop.

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