Assignment 101

I decided to use a picture of my dog that I took last Wednesday. I was just messing around with different settings on my camera when I took this one and I really like how it came out. I also just love taking photos of my dog. To enhance this I decided to first add a levels adjustment layer and then adjusted it a little bit to make the darks slightly darker and the lights slightly lighter. I then applied the basic S curve to make the picture a little bit sharper. I also increased the saturation very mildly. I finished enhancing the image off with a color balance layer that increased the red slightly. I didn't make too many drastic changes in this image because I already liked how it came out, but knew it needed a few enhancements.

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  1. I like how in the final image, the dog’s eyes really stand out. Wasn’t sure if this was intentional, but the background does look a little overexposed. Other than that, great job! The dog looks adorable 🙂

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