Assignment 101

The first image is the edited version. I adjusted the curves slightly and played around with the levels to make the colors more vibrant. My last step was using the dodge and burn tools to make the door stand out more.

Comments (3)

  1. I like the vibrant color of the door against the brick wall. The dodge and burn tools really worked well for this image. Great Job!

  2. Beautiful composition, nice use of thirds. The colors are vibrant but realistic in your final edit; a good balance.

  3. The photoshop enhancement are really well done; it looks natural but brings out all the right colors. As for the composition, it looks really good but I would have liked to see something break the symmetry because both sides are the same right now, so there’s no interesting element to draw the viewer in. Also, if there was just a little bit more space shown above the door so that the arch wasn’t cut off right at the edge, that might’ve made the photo look more professional.

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