Assignment 101- Abigail Liman

I first messed around with the level adjustment. I made sure that my picture had pure white color as well as black. I think this helps develop more contrast and balance throughout the photo. I then slightly adjusted the curves, adding more saturation. Darkening the warm tone colors and lightening up the cool tone colors. I wanted to add a blue tone to the picture to create a more "back in the 90s" feel to it, bring age into the photo helps portray the similarity to a Chinese-made movie back in the '80s and '90s. I played around with the channel mixer and ended up brightening the red and adding a cyan mid-tone, as well as bringing the hue to the light blue color. Lastly, I added the dodge effect to the light colors, like the white wall and the t-shirt the person is wearing, and added the burn effect to the dark colors, the black door, and windows.

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