This picture was taken in Emeryville on 2/4 using DSLR, Nikon D750. The flower that bloomed alone among the many flower buds was very impressive.

In the process of photographing, I tried to follow the rule of thirds, and I used aperture to control the depth of field. Also, I took it against the sun to contain the sunlight.

Later, I adjusted an angle for better composition. To correct overexposure, I used levels and curves adjustment. Lastly, I adjusted saturation of color to emphasize the color of the flower and sky.

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  1. WOW! i love this image! looking it at makes me feel like spring has already started! Beautiful capture!

  2. I think that this image is very beautiful and is a great photograph, i love how the sun complements the flowers and the edit is very well done as well and the composition is well put together.

  3. I like how this picture gives me the spring vibes. Pink flowers and the lighten layer over the photograph. I like the angle too, because it made the picture a bit warm. It gives me the impression of saying the weather is cold but warm too, exactly what spring is.

  4. i really like this picture. It has a really great vibrant color and you place the flower at the one third of the photo; it makes people to focus on the flower

  5. I really liked how you used the sunlight to your advantage to create a contrast between a large part of the sky and the plants. The pin from the flower really makes the image pop more.

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