Assignment 101 – Adrienne Laing (Calcote)

I wanted to darken everything around the window except for the chandelier candles. I was able to accomplish that with the multiply blending tool. I adjusted the colors with the channel mixer so the sky would be more blue and I toned down the overall red that was in the original image, sharpened the contrast a bit to bring out the shadows in the trees outside. I used the Lasso and Fill tool to remove some unwanted spots that appeared in the bottom of the image and fill them with the dark background we got here. The only thing I wish I could have done better is lightening up just the chandelier area so the form of the light fixture was a little more visible against the black background. After spending a considerable amount of time trying to do that and not getting the results I wanted I went ahead and made peace with the image as we see it now..

By Adrienne

Adrienne is focusing on creating her design and writing portfolios as she pursues a freelance career. Adrienne is currently working on defining her niche and personal brand and would like to develop content for web and printed media that explores philosophy, art, and popular culture.

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  1. Awesome photo! Love the composition of framing and layers. Great decision to darken the foreground so that we just see the shapes of the windows framing the interesting background subjects.

  2. Love the image! I like how the palm trees line up to a single point in the middle frame of the photo. The vibrancy of the blue sky really makes the image pop.

  3. Yes – you just see the bikers and the palm trees and of course the sky is so blue – nicely done. Everything else seems to disappear

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