Assignment 101- Alejandra Sanchez

I decided I wanted to make a new dessert for my family last weekend and decided to photograph it. I used a white poster board as the background and took the picture after the sun had set. As you can see in the original, the picture looks dark, the colors do not stand out, and the "gelatina" does not look that great. After I made a few adjustments and created a few layers such as levels, curves, and pop, this gelatina went from 'bland' to even instagram worthy. The curve layer made a huge impact on the brightness, and the pop layer really brought back the color on the sprinkles and blue plate. For the pop layer, I followed the tutorial exactly. I was hesitant on posting this one, but is the picture that you can see a huge difference in the before and after.

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  1. Hello! I love the fact the you changed the layers of your image to allow the colors to pop out more. Your image looks good enough to be an ad for donuts!

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