Assignment 101 – Ali Khan

This is a photo of Las Trampas regional space, my favorite place to go hiking. My camera captured a gloomy representation of the actual view, so in order to brighten up the sky I used a levels adjustment and added pop. The area in the shadow to the left has some nice rock features so I decided to lighten the area up with the dodge tool just enough to see some details. I also lightened the foreground and darkened the edges of the picture to make the hills stand out more. Last, I added a curves adjustment to bring out the shadows of the hills in the distance.

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  1. I really like the level and pop adjustments you used, as it makes the photo more vibrant and adds more life to it as opposed to the gloomy look it had before. Great job!

  2. I really liked how you lighten up some of the spots on the grass and I also really liked the darkened edges of the picture. The background of the mountains gives off a shadow effect and the fog in the distance surrounding the mountains makes it more unique.

  3. Hey Ali!
    One of the things I’m really happy to see is how you brought out the contrast in the hills in the background. It looks very cool how they are darker at the peaks than they are at the bottom. I feel that sometimes we have a tendency to over-saturate colors ( I have to fight the urge too when I edit) but this green you have on the grass is very life-like.

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