Assignment 101, Alvar

1 "Levels" to make the image look lighter

2 "Selective Color" choosing Green and Yellow channels to distinct the rails and the vegetation

3  "Dodge and Burning" with Gradient Tool (Black to White) to re-set the lightning condition

4 "Channel Mixer" to correct the overly green-ish

5 "Dodge and Burning" with colored (maple brown and gold) to darken the vegetation further

6  Reduce the Vibrance after all

7 Ctrl+T to rotate the image until the horizon is...horizontal

8 Crop the image

Comments (4)

  1. I like the photo you took in school campus, and I like how you lighter your photo and also you make the hand holder brighter

  2. I like the perspective in this photo with all the converging lines. You did a great job lighting up the photo with your editing.

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