Assignment 101 – Amanda Cashley

I took this white flower on my way to school, the white color of the petals caught my attention. When I saw the picture on my laptop screen, the picture felt off. This is why I decided to change a few things. Firstly, I added an adjustment layer and used the Channel Mixer. I made changes in Red, Green, and Blue. Red +101Green +3Blue +3 were the changes I made in this Chanel Mixer layer. My intention was to add the vibrancy of the picture. The original picture looks pale and "greenish", therefore I added Red to give the photograph more life. After that, I added a layer of Dodge and Burn. I did this because, in the original picture the background and the main object, the flower have the same brightness. To differentiate the background and the main subject, I darken the surrounding area around the flower. Then I added the Curves layer, this was simply to control the exposure of the photograph.

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  1. I like that you somehow changed the tone of the picture. The original picture seems like it has a cold tone and you adjusted it to look more warmer.

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