Assignment 101- Ami Gandhi


When I captured this image, I took into account some composition techniques like creating including strong diagonal lines, different colors and textures, and creating an image that tells a story. The sign in the middle incorporates an interesting pattern, and everything else in the image frames the sign in the center, so the audience is naturally drawn there. However, the crowd at the bottom and bright colored lights are a good juxtaposition to this enormous sign, so they add a little something extra to an otherwise simple image.

When enhancing the image, I added adjustment layers to tweak the levels and curves, which increased the contrast and made the original dull image much more lively. I used channel mixing to adjust the colors and make the image "pop," and played around with hue and saturation to bring out some of the reds. I didn't take it too far, because I wanted it to be a colorful image but not look unnatural. Finally, I used the dodge tool to brighten up the letters on "The Warfield" because they were initially very dark, and brighten up a few darker spots on the middle light-up sign as well.

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