Assignment 101 – Andrew Ahn

Original Photo
Modified Photo

This original photo was taken at the park around 5 p.m. When I edit this picture to Photoshop, I used Crop, Levels, Curves, Pop, and Dodge& Burn tools.  First of all, I used the crop function to get rid of the useless land at the bottom. Through pulling the cursors on both side in Levels tool, I added to the clarity of the luminosity. Making S - curve on Curve tool also gives similar effect as Levels tool. Then, editing mainly green on Pop tool made the overall picture's saturation thicker. Lastly, using Dogde tool, I emphasized the light by brightening the area around the street lamp in the lower left corner. In addition, using the Burn tool, I made the cloudy weather a little darker, deepening the bright and dark differences.

Comments (4)

  1. I really like how you played around with the mood and lighting in this image, it lookes like it started from day time at the bottom then it switched to night. The night lights give it so much pop of light in different places

  2. The boost and richness in color is really noticeable, and a lot more appealing to the eye. All the colors are extremely noticeable whereas the original doesn’t express much color at all. The grass and sky stand out very much, very nice job.

  3. This picture is well contrasted with the lighting in the part and the dark sky. Probably you could darken some windows of the house on the right side so that the part light solely gather’s the audience’s focus.

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