The picture was taken in a vintage-style cafe. When I entered, felt the dim light which increases the ambiance. Due to the auto adjustment by the camera on phone, I cannot feel the exact atmosphere through the picture I took. In the picture, I adjusted the level, the curves, and the channel mixing. I pull the light part towards around 1 over 4 from the right and left the dark at the original position. I didn't change much about the curve. For the change of the channel mixing, I increased each color for 16 and decreasing the rest of them by 8. (blue: +116, red: -8, green - 8). On the lamp, I used the technique of the burn operations to make the light darker. The light was over-exposed, so I also used the clone stamp to copy the color of yellow from the corner and applied to the white part on the lamp. The last step I did on the lamp was the blur tool along the line of the lamp so that it glows roundly. Finally, I applied the burn tool on each corner to grasp readers' attention to the middle.

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  1. Amazing photo Angela! The way you were able to compose the objects and create a good angle for your photos were great. I like how you were able to adjust the coloring of the wallpaper it really enriches the texture of the photo!

  2. The way your darkened the image it makes it look more vintage. It almost looks like you added a grunge affect because of the dark around the border.

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