Assignment 101 – Angelyne Lukminto

The first edit I did to this image was adding more depth by using the curves. After using the curves tool, I tried using the levels tool and pulled the black triangle closer to the centre, resulting in more depth to the picture and becomes more vibrant. The last thing I did to enhance this picture was doing the dodge and burn edit. I used the dodge brush to enlighten my dog's fur except for her face. After that, I used the burnt brush to darken her face and the background.

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  1. I personally like using the curves adjustment layer when working with plants, flowers, and rocks. I think it really helps to bring out the details in those subjects. I really like how you’ve done that very thing here. The dodge and burn is a tricky adjustment to use in my opinion and experience thus far, I think you did an excellent job of that on your fur baby. Great photo.

  2. I really like how you used the curves tool to bring out the white in the fur and the black in the shadows beneath the leaves.

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