Assignment 101- Arch 135

Church windows are windows within cathedrals and that is where this architecture originated from. Windows have been an important element in church architecture since Early Christianity.

The image above is a a Christian church on Pioneer Avenue in Turlock California. Every time I drove past my mothers house I would noticed this specific  church. Its the  focal point on the main street. Due to the church style windows it creates attention to its architecture. The landscape looks inviting and I felt welcomed to take as many pictures as I needed. The enhancement that I utilized was the black and white channel mixer and adjustment layer. I also cropped the image.

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  1. hi
    Amazing piece of work. I like your idea.In my opinion, ideas come before levels.In contrast to black and white photos, color is incomparable gorgeous, but also has the vitality of life.The humble in life often contains wonderful and beautiful.Technically, it’s done a great job of tweaking and retouching.

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