Assignment 101-Arielle Abraham

For this photo, I took out a bit of exposure, brightness, contrast, highlights, and shadows. I increased the blacks, while I took temp more to the blue side. I increased the saturation and tint. Then I took a bit of clarity out.

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  1. It seems as if you almost cannot see the mist with the strong blue sky. Also the colors of the roots and tree pop more on that image.

  2. Your post-processing brings an entirely different feel to this photo. It goes from foggy and drab to mysterious and mystical. I love how you chose to go towards a blue tint. That was super smart. It’s like you have no idea what time of day it is, like the twilight zone or something. The layers and how the background fades away is super cool too. Really great job.

  3. Nice photo, it makes me feel nostalgic for when I lived in SF. turning up the blues really changes the time of day for the picture. the grey could be anytime in the day or afternoon, but the blues make it seem like the sun has just gone over the horizon and night is falling.

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