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My photo I chose and worked on is a picture of a fire within a fire pit.  I felt this was a good image to practice photo shop with so I can test my skills.  Originally the lighting was poor due to it being taken at night.  This prompted me to use both the dodge tool and the burn tool to be able to lighten and darken respective aspects of the picture to make it seem more normal.  I lightened all of the areas immediately surrounding the fire itself while I darkened the areas that were far off from it.  By doing this I made the light look more natural.  Furthermore I enhanced more of the red and a little bit of the green colors in this image to make it so the fire stands out more like it does in real life.  This proved successful as it is now brighter and more realistic.

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  1. I like how you lit up the areas around the fire it makes the image way more dramatic.
    But on the other hand I think you might have enhanced the red a little bit to much cause there’s I lot of pink and purple spots in the dark areas

  2. You did a great job to edit the image because I think night image is much more difficult than image under the sunlight. I am not sure about the shutter speed, but the fire looks dynamic and attracting. I hope to see your original picture as well.

  3. Your fire image looks dynamic and real by your editing skills. However, I feel the color is almost the same tone so I’m sure if you focus more editing color your image will become much more better.

  4. Looking at this photo you can really feel the movement of the flames. I think enhancing the colors really worked well; it’s as if the light from the fire is reaching every corner of this image in a dramatic red/purple hue.

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