Out of the set of images from exercise 103/104 this is my favorite and was, in my opinion very beautifully enhanced using Adobe Photoshop 2017. The techniques I used in order to achieve my enhanced digital image first began with a change in the adjustment layer (Levels) from 0, 1.00, 255 to 14, 0.85, 231. Secondly, i made a change in the adjustment layer (Channel Mixer or "Pop") from preset to custom, using output channel red from 100% red, 0% blue, green to 115% red, -25% blue, 5% green. Thirdly was a change in adjustment layer (Curves) from input 255, output 255 to input 190, output 194. Fourth change I made the photograph black and white, once I did this I added the photo filter Sepia to it to give it a slight tint that was subtle yet added a beautiful element to the photo. Lastly I used the overlay layer "Burn" to darken the areas which were dark to make the rose stand out a bit more, and overlay layer "Dodge" to lighten the areas in the petals to emphasize the rose and also to make the Bokeh in the background pop a bit more. I am quite satisfied with the final product and is much more aesthetically pleasing than the original in my opinion.

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  1. I really like the picture and its composition, which it follows the rule of thirds. I also like how you adjusted it to black and white picture and darkened the rose to make it more outstanding.

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